Friday, July 3, 2009

i heart faces friday fix it 7.3.09

Here's my friday fix it for i heart faces :)

stop by and check it out :)

This little girl is just adorable!!!

above is the original...


these were my first changes:
- fixed levels
- bumped up saturation
- used the burn tool on the mulch grounding
- added lens correction: vignette (Filter>Distort>Lens Correction - Vignette)
- made a mask and erased the vignette off of her skin
- created an overlay layer and "painted" in her eyes to make them pop a brighter blue
- played with photo's contrast (Image>Adjustments>Brightness&Contrast)


All I did was:
- took Color version
- opened saturation tool (Image>Adjustments>Hue&Saturation) took down to about 50% saturation
- added a much darker and closed in vignette

All I did was:
- took COLOR version
- went to Image>Adjustments>Black&White and added a redish tanish tint (tint checkbox and slider at bottom of menu)
- added a much darker and closed in vignette
- added a little noise - Filter>Noise>Add Noise


Allison said...

okay so I'm gonna start coming here to read your posts because I love that you explained the effects you used and I always like to try new things! so fun!

allison p