Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple iPad reviews and info... for Photogs

While I don't really love the name... come on Apple, did you take more than 1 mtg to discuss this name?... I did find some interesting comments and articles showing what the iPad can do and specifically what it can bring to a Photographer's business...

check 'em out...

The iPad - a New Tool for Professional Photographers? << Hey Girl, Nice Shot
Will the iPad Change Photographers Forever? << MCP Photoshop Actions Blog
More on the Apple iPad as a Photographer's Tool << Photofocus

What do you think about the iPad? specifically about the iPad with Photogs?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ebates and RetailMeNot

Alright peeps - I just have to share...

Anytime you shop online USE Ebates and RetailMeNot - do it!

Ebates gives you cash back on your purchases (some up to 26% I believe) and RetailMeNot has TONS of coupons... if I buy something online, there's never a time I don't check one of these first.

Better yet, use them BOTH! Click to your store from Ebates and then find a coupon code at RetailMeNot before you checkout :)

Especially for all you DIY online shopping brides AND photographers :)
or just online shopping ANYONE'S :)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Unlimited Production Group

This logo was created for new business here in Austin: Unlimited Production Group

This is from their website...
"Unlimited Production Group combines more than 16 years of award-winning storytelling and 10 years of competitive media marketing to help achieve client goals.

In Houston, San Antonio and Austin, the UPG staff has been honored by The Texas Associated Press of Broadcasters, The Headliners Foundation, The Lone Star Emmy Chapter and has received the coveted Edward R. Murrow Regional Award.

For more than a decade, we’ve built our reputation by researching, shooting, writing and editing content and marketing media for millions of viewers. Now we’re putting our success to work for you."

I have worked with these guys in the past and was glad to work on this logo for them...

we also did some ad work as well :)

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes :)

Well you may have noticed that I've done a little updating around here... mainly my logo and colors - which you may have also seen on my gallery site...

The reason why there are some changes is in part because of winning a custom-site with the help of YOU! I couldn't have done it with out your votes :) so THANK YOU!

The new site does not have a definite date yet, but it should be ready within the first of February. EXCITING STUFF!!
So, be on the look out - but don't worry, I will definitely remind you when it's done...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fix It Friday :)

It's been a while since I've done a Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces...

Here's my fixes for this week...

Here's the original...


and here are my fixes:



Here are my steps:
1. MCP Actions: Make Me Pop People
2. Played with photo's levels
3. MCP Actions: Oops I Blew It
4. MCP Actions: Color Burst
5. added a slight vignette

b&w/choco tint


b&w/choco tint:
1. used color photo
2. Created a Gradient Map Adjustment layer creating the black and white effect
3. Went to Images>Adjustments>Black&White and added a Tint of Brown

That's all :)


I was able to work on some collages this winter for a few clients...

I love how they turned out!


My cousin and her family :)


photo-booth style :)

Let me know if we can work on some collages together - either for a gift for someone, or for yourself :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Custom Cards

Hey everyone - sorry I never go these out when it was CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

but, here are all the fun custom Christmas cards I was able to create for clients this year...




and here is our very own Christmas card - first year newlyweds :)

I can create custom cards for ANY events:

Baby Announcements
Baby Showers
Birthday Parties
(ANY) Party :)
Save The Dates

*better yet - how about you 2010 Seniors getting a customized Graduation Announcement*

Let me know if there's something that I can help you design to make your event... well, YOURS!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Allison & Jonathan: Family Session

I think I've known these guys for what seems like forever :) ...and when they asked me to do a *surprise* session for their parents as a Christmas present... I was so excited! So, I've been keeping these from the blog for some time now, but now that the *surprise*is out :) I'll go ahead and post them!

They wanted to take photos at the Austin State Capitol because their Mom loves it so much - and most importantly, works in a building right next to the Capitol :)
I think they turned out really well.

Their Mom even said she can't pick her favorite - which is always the best compliment!

Hope you guys enjoy - thanks for a fun morning! (even though it was cold and rainy)




I LOVE these orange trees!!!






these fall colors were amazing that day - and the rain makes colors much more vibrant! LOVE!



a little shot down Congress :)